End of Windows 7 support

Microsoft will soon begin to notify Windows 7 users that the operating system is nearing end of support.

So-called “courtesy reminders” will appear on user computers from April, nine months before ending support for Windows 7.

“Beginning next month, if you are a Windows 7 customer, you can expect to see a notification appear on your Windows 7 PC,” Matt Barlow, a Microsoft marketing executive, wrote in a post to a company blog.

He also said that users would be able to reject future notifications by choosing “do not notify me again” and that it would include a “learn more” button. In a similar way five years ago, Microsoft reminded Windows XP users of the upcoming end of support.

Windows 7 alerts are displayed eight months earlier than in Windows XP. In March 2014, just one month before XP expired, Microsoft showed a reminder of the upcoming end of support on the screen. Windows XP proclamations were released monthly. If Microsoft uses the same schedule and cadence, notifications will first be pushed on Windows 7 on April 14, and then repeated on the 14th of each following month.

Now it’s a good time to plan an operating system upgrade on Windows 10. It’s not just about the operating system, but about programs and personal data.

Source : Microsoft

End of Windows 7 support